Open Dreams Organization

Christina Bernardo Kulberg is the Executive Director of Emzingo|U, a leadership development and social impact B-Corp that aims to train the next generation of responsible and inclusive leaders. Born in the DC area to Cuban immigrant parents, she is the last of 10 children and has been passionate about social justice, foreign policy, and how we interact and lead across cultures from a very young age. She received her Masters at the London School of Economics in Political Economy of Development, and thereafter, went to South Africa to complete one of Emzingo|U's award-winning social impact programs working with an orphan and vulnerable children center in Soweto. Joining the social enterprise shortly thereafter, she has helped to grow partnerships and expand the organization's mission and reach for the last 7 years. She also had the honor and privilege of working for the Obama Administration focusing on rural and tribal economic development at the U.S. Department of Agriculture - Rural Development. With a strong passion for education and access to opportunity, she founded Open Dreams with her dear friend Blaise Buma and her husband Hans Kullberg, to help over 70 high achieving, low income students in Cameroon receive full scholarships to leading universities across the world. (may not need last line!)