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We Started Open Dreams to help empower future leaders of Cameroon and Africa ~ Blaise Buma


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Education provides the key to reach one’s fullest potential and achieve one’s dreams. At Open Dreams,

we’re building the bridge between talent and opportunity that will convert that dream into reality.

About Us


  • To empower high-achieving, low-income scholars around the world by bridging the global gap between talent and opportunity at the university education level.

    As a college-access organization, Open Dreams leverages a mentorship network, rigorous academic curriculum and partnership system to bring educational opportunities to highly talented scholars from lower-income backgrounds. We ardently believe in a world where talent is universal, but opportunity is not. To reverse this inequality of opportunity and secure a better future for our scholars, we utilize connective technology bringing together mentors, teachers, admission officers and educators to our scholar community. We envision a world wherein every child has an equal chance of access to university education no matter what geography, race, gender or socioeconomic background they entered the world.